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Latest Fully Unlocked Fifa 14 v1.3.6 With 2017 Players Transfer

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Fully unlocked fifa 14 android game is here. This fully unlocked fifa 14 is based on v1.3.6 with 2017 latest transfer squad. You will agree with me fifa 14 still remain the best Android football game ever  made for Android smartphone because it can be played offline without internet connection, compared to its successors.

fully unlocked fifa 14 with 2017 latest squad

Are you already feeling bored playing your fully unlocked fifa 14 android game? Maybe due to the fact its based on old squads without updates. That question was put into consideration for all lovers of fifa 14 android game who can’t stop playing the game due to its features such as offline gameplay, manager mode, tournament, kickoff, etc. That’s why we are sharing with you latest fully unlocked fifa 14 with 2017 latest transfers.

This mod is based on fifa 14 v1.3.6 and comes with 2017 latest squad transfer in their respective clubs and countries with little changes such as players faces and so on. You can now enjoy using new clubs and countries players in your favorite club and country. As usual, the game is already %100 fully unlocked and you don’t need to root your device or do any tweaking or patching.

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There is no special settings to  enjoy this mod, all you have to do is download fully unlocked fifa 14 v1.3.6 with latest players transfer mod apk file, data and obb. Install, move the required data and obb folder to its right place and keep enjoy fifa 14 Android best football game.

What’s New?

  • Fully unlocked
  • No glitch
  • No black screen
  • No auto data deletion
  • 2017 latest players transfer

How to install and play

1. Download fully unlocked fifa 14 v1.3.6 with 2017 latest transfers apk file and install

2. Download mod data file containing latest transfers and english commentary and extract its folder “” to Internal Storage/ Android/ Data

3. Now, download mod obb file and also extract it’s folder “” to Internal Storage/ Android/ Obb.

4. Finally, turn on/off your wifi, launch game and enjoy


2017 latest transfers fifa 14 v1.3.6 Mod Apk file
Latest data file + english commentary
Download Obb file – Link Updated

Download fully unlocked fifa 14 best android football game with 2017 latest team squad. install and enjoy. Have any issues, tell us about it via the comment

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  1. karan shah says

    Have been downloading Obb files from 2days.. everytime when connection of speed gets slow down file start to download from again..

    1. admin says

      Use uc browser if downloading with Android. Use IDM if downloading wih PC

  2. Ifeanyibxt says

    Bro i have deleted my old fifa to now data , please can you recomend nice data subscription to download this game

    1. admin says

      If airtel is good in your area, subscfibe for its midnight plan. #200 for 1.5gb and #25 for 500mb. Code is *312#.

  3. Onyeka Okwu says

    Plz help me not downloading hw do I download it

    1. admin says

      The file links are %100 working. Turn off ad blocker from uc browser

  4. karan shah says

    Yes got the game bro.. thanks a lot.. but one more thing.. bro I don't need unlimited money for transfers when starting up manager mode.. what to do if want to play with the available transfer provided for each club ??

  5. Ifeanyibxt says

    admin, i think something is wrong with the server you uploaded it. Because i have been trying to download it but it didnt show download option.

    1. admin says

      Let me check

    2. admin says

      Download link is %100 OK. Turn off ad blocker from your browser, click on file download link and wait for 5sec. Then skip ad and download

  6. Anonymous says

    Unable to download the 2nd file(commentary+ latest data file)

    1. admin says

      The links are %100 accurate. Use uc browser and also turn off ad blocker

  7. Ifeanyibxt says

    Hello admin i have off my adblocker yet still showing blank white page

    1. admin says

      Use another broswer

  8. Anonymous says

    got it. Thank you so much admin but i can't connect google play games and facebook app. please can you fix it

    1. admin says

      Fifa 14 is old according to ea and so, they must have withdrawn support for it.

  9. joyal serrao says

    Getting error while extracting obb folder. How to solve this

    1. admin says

      Use Android Es file explore or pc winrar

  10. Anonymous says

    all okay… bro u r sure this is version 1.3.6 with touch control like fifa 15…..orr like version 1.2.8/1.2.9/1.3.2 with shit control……can we try pass here with ground touch??????can this is official 1.3.6 version…..or copy of privious version? if u understand reply me quick admin bro

    1. admin says

      Its official fifa 14 v1.3.6 with good control. Everything works

  11. Anonymous says

    my phone is samsung galaxy core 2…..kitkat…..plz give me step by step info again for what i need to do before install and after install and how to unlock all the modes…..kick off….manager mode….season mode…..and which browser i need to use….quick reply plz

    1. admin says

      There's nothing special to apply. Use uc browser to download all needed files, install apk, place data and obb folder in its right place, launch game and enjoy. Its fully unlocked already to enjoy fuul features including kick-off and manager mode with latest squad

  12. Lateef Kunle says

    boss..I already av d other one u posted sometime ago can i just download dis data alone and extract ?

    1. admin says

      Yes, you can apply the obb of previous unlocked fifa 14 v1.3.6 download. Just download the data and apk of this one and you are good to go. thanks

  13. Lateef Kunle says

    Tnx boss..itz working really good…am so hapi…u can also help us to upgrade d transfers too wen d this transfer window closes so we can get d new players for d upcoming season…players like mbappe and co. Tnx xo much boss

    1. admin says

      Thanks for your comment. i'll see what i can do

  14. Desire Sinclair says

    “Unfortunately the app has stopped working” all the time, it’s annoying, very very

    1. admin says

      Before launching game, turn-on your wifi connection and launch game, then turn it off when game have started

  15. soj says

    Have down loaded it but I don’t get the latest squad and I also download the commentary but don’t know how to set it to work…. .plz help

    1. admin says

      the latest squad is already in the game. choose your favorite team and you will see changes

  16. soj says

    OK….. But how do I set the commentary stuff and have downloaded it

    1. admin says

      There’s no special settings for commentary. after placing data folder in its right place and your game is up and running, english commentary comes up when game have started

  17. Richard Jones says

    Please I don’t know how to extract o

    1. admin says

      download and install es file explorer app from playstore, use it to extract

  18. Richard Jones says

    Comment:please am using droid pad8 and it’s lollipop and I have tried everything possible to get this amazing game but to no avail i,’m ready to pay u #5000 u can recommend someone I should go to if not am staying in Akwa Ibom state

    1. admin says

      Message me on WhatsApp via 08136329873

  19. Richard Jones says

    Alright sir maybe when am back from work I will do that

  20. lateef kunle says

    Boss my own is freezing after finishing a season …what should I do pls

    1. admin says

      Mine doesn’t freeze.. whats your device and OS version?

      1. lateef kunle says

        Infinix hot 2 with 5.1 lollipop

        1. admin says

          Try the other version without 2017 squad

          1. lateef kunle says

            Which other version ?..
            I never had this problem before updating the squad….but after updating the squad I do play well but once I wanna start anoda season d game freezes..
            Do u mean I shld use the normal data with the 2014 squad ? If yes ,, is there no other alternative for me to play wit d 2017 squad without it freezing ?

          2. admin says

            What might be causing the freezing could be your Android OS version or files not really compatible. I’ll surgest if you have data you should download all files given in this article

  21. lateef kunle says

    I av downloaded everything here but I noticed that each time I wanna start a season den I choose to play friendlies d game skips and it force close wen it’s trying to schedule buh whenever I choose not to play friendlies d game doesn’t skip and force close and I jez started the season so I Dnt knw wat might happen again wen I finish a season

    1. admin says

      Mine doesn’t do this… Whats your phone and Os version

      1. lateef kunle says

        My phone is infinix hot 2 and am running on a 5.1 lollipop

    2. Rohan DV says

      This happens to me,too. When the season ends and I click forward for next season the game force stops too!!
      My phone is Moto G5s+ and Android version is 7.1.1

      1. admin says

        Issues will be fixed soon

  22. jimjam says

    Admn is there a way can one upgrade or update kits in fully unlocked fifa

    1. admin says

      No bro

  23. Sudais says

    Wow great post…. Keep it up bro

    You can also check

    How to Browse WhatsApp And Other Apps For Free With 9mobile Using Office VPN

  24. Nickyadams says

    please bring 2017/18 transfers. otherwise thanks for the good work!

  25. Kony says

    Nice one it’s working thanks very much

    1. admin says

      Thanks, Kony for taking that time to drop comment

  26. Omar says

    I can’t play managet mode,the game keep quiting.

    1. admin says

      Never experienced to this. Turn-on your WiFi and launch game, then turn it off after game has started. You don’t need a working WiFi, just turn in on

  27. Tiimlanh says

    Update summer transfe, please

    1. admin says

      Not easy but i’ll try

  28. tunji says

    Comment:something is wrong with d obb long it keeps bringing Google term of service. plz check d obb link again

    1. admin says

      Seen it. Affected file will be reuploaded to another server

  29. Tuhel says

    Bro…Obb File Reupload To Another Server Quick Plz

    1. admin says

      Will do that soon. Internet is kinda bad where i am

  30. tunji says

    Comment:plz wen Will it be uploaded to another server cos it still brings d same thing each time I try

    1. admin says


  31. ay says

    Something is wrong with the Download links,they’re not going thru

  32. brilliant says

    Admin the link is asking for decrytion key

    1. admin says

      Simply download “advanced downloader for mega” apk app from playstore and then copy the download link and paste in the app, your download will begin without asking for any keys

  33. Ardelean Raul Gabriel says

    Hi i am trying to download the obb file but it say that i need a decription code …where i can get it ?!? Pleaze tell me !

    1. admin says

      You don’t need decryption key. Just download and install “advanced downloader for mega” from playstore and then copy the obb file link and paste to the installed app and download your file from there

      1. Ardelean Raul Gabriel says

        It dont work what i do wrong???

        1. admin says

          Did you download advanced downloader for mega apk app? Note, its different from mega app

  34. de flashback says

    hey bro pls wat is the decryption key

    1. admin says

      Use this !sIsh8BMcfaKi_pjEEYiYXRkyZvEUVujeiS6BYtQbB9Y

  35. de flashback says

    thanks bro i appreciate it pls can i unlock kick off,manager and tournament

  36. de flashback says

    thanks bro i appreciate it pls how can i unlock kick off,manager and tournament

    1. admin says

      All features are already unlocked.. ensure you downloaded all files from this page

      1. de flashback says

        de obb file don’t want to be downloaded wat should i do

  37. brilliant says

    I don’t no where to paste link in the mega

    1. admin says

      Hope you downloaded “advanced downloader for mega”. If so, just open the app and you will see “add link”. Copy the mega file link and then click on the “add link” to paste it and proceed to download

  38. Coolpee says

    Hello bro.. Pls I have downloaded the obb file but each time I try extracting it gives error… That file is curupt. Pls wht can I do next. Thanks

    1. admin says

      What file extractor are you using to extract?

      1. Coolpee says

        ES File Explorer… As u mentioned

        1. admin says

          It supposed to work properly. Please try using winrar via pc

        2. admin says

          It supposed to work properly. Please try using winrar via pc. Info me if it works or not

  39. brilliant says

    The advance mega download says no link were found even when I have copied the link

    1. admin says

      Something is wrong. You did not copy the mega file link. Click on the link and then wait for 5seconds and click on skip ad. After that, you will see the mega link from your address bar to copy

  40. timi says

    while trying to download the object file after skipping the ad, it is asking for a decryption key. How do I get it?

  41. Mr. Presh says

    mega says the file need decryption key.. PLEASE HELP BRO, WHATS THE KEY?

    1. admin says

      Use advanced downloader for mega.apk app to download

  42. Nura Ridwan says

    Decryption key plz

    1. admin says

      Don’t mind the decryption key request. Download advanced downloader for mega.apk app and install to your phone and then copy the file link to the app and download

      1. blayd says

        Which file link should be copied to download obb files from advanced downloader???

        1. admin says

          The one asking for decryption key

  43. Olanrymay says

    I downloaded the game but the players are not updated. What happend pls I need the 2017 updated transfer

  44. sim says

    I’m trying to download the one file and it keeps asking for dycrption code

    1. admin says

      Read through comments to see how to download without decryption key

  45. Yusuf says

    Hello, Advanced Downloader for mega is telling me no link found when I try to paste

    1. admin says

      Use this decryption key


  46. Yusuf says

    Thanks bro… Now enjoying Fifa14 after years of searching for solutions to the unlock problem.

  47. Rohan DV says

    Asking for some decryption code!!! What is it???

    1. Rohan DV says

      Tried using advance downloader for mega!! But when I copy the link and paste it it says that no link was found

  48. dilshad says

    Hey i cant extract

    1. admin says

      Use pc to extract or use simple rar.apk app

  49. Emmanuel says

    Evening admin I can’t see link to download the apk

    1. admin says

      Check, the link is there

  50. lekinson says

    I can’t download d obb file. It says I need key to decrypt it. Pls help wt dis o admin

    1. admin says

      Use below key n tell me how it goes


  51. Moses says

    Thanks a bunch bro! All’s working just fine! I just downloaded all the files and installed them. No network required for launch! Admin you are the best!!!

    1. admin says

      Thanks, Moses…enjoy

  52. Manas Saloi says

    What’s the decryption key for mega link ? I am not able to download the obb file

    1. admin says

      Use below key n tell me how it goes


  53. sadiq says

    Admin Pls can u provide another way of downloading d obb file because d advanced downloader is saying error

    1. admin says

      Sorry, i will upload file to another server

  54. Emmanuel says

    Admin God bless you,amen… its working fine.. Thanks bro I appreciate!

  55. Adeyinka says

    Bro Nice job to you, I pray your site blow more than this. Oga I downloaded fifa 2014 in this site and since that have been enjoying it. But with this 2017 transfer how can I have it. should I download all the file again.

    1. admin says

      Download only data file and change with the one you have

  56. Nhagzy says

    Pls in ur next fifa 14 db. Update …u need to make lionel messi more aggressive and goal hungry…make his icon blue. Let him be more of a striker than a mid fielder

    1. admin says

      Thanks for your comment

  57. Adeyinka says

    Anyone else who experience the manager mode crashing after playing three seasons?


    what should I do?

  58. dheeraj says

    Sir is it work samsung s6 edge

  59. dheeraj says

    Sir is it work samsung s6 edge

  60. dheeraj says

    Sir is it work samsung s6 edge and it is offline

    1. admin says

      Yes, works very well and its offline

  61. EKHAMADY says

    This version isn’t working on my Gionee A1.
    Somebody help!

    1. admin says

      What is it saying?

      1. EKHAMADY says

        Always got a message like Application Error!

  62. tyga tunero says

    pls….i have downloaded it …but its still the same old players…..
    what am i going to do oooooo

  63. sixtus says

    can I play
    the game without downloading

    1. Jeremiah Michaels says

      Not possible, you need to download its data files

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