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CyanogenMod13 Custom Rom For Leagoo M8

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Leagoo M8 Custom Rom – To all Leagoo M8 users who have been searching for suitable and fine custom rom for your device, here’s CyanogenMod 13 based on marshmallow 6.0. Are you tired of your Leagoo M8 stock FreemeOS? CyanogenMod 13 is here to make your phone more enjoyable. This rom is stable, bug free, smooth good ram & battery management and can be used as daily drive. We all know what CyanogenMod is, though Lineage Os have taken over.

leagoo m8 custom rom
leagoo m8 custom rom

What’s Working :

  • GPSC
  • CameraA
  • Audioin callsB
  • BluetoothU
  • AudioM
  • MicR
  • RILS
  • SMS(Receive and Send both working)W
  • WiFiD
  • DataR
  • RILis now more stableD
  • DualSIMG
  • GappsH
  • HotspotS
  • ScreenRecordingB
  • Bothstorages (SD and Internal) mounting in both Phone and PCG
  • Gapps7
  • 20P working in youtube

What’s Not Working?

  • Fingerprint (don’t blame me)
leagoo m8 custom rom
leagoo m8 custom rom

To download and enjoy CyanogenMod 13 on your Leagoo M8 phone, your device must be rooted and twrp custom recovery installed. See how to root Leagoo M8 and install twrp recovery.

  1. Download CyanogenMod 13 custom rom for Leagoo M8
  2. Place rom in root of your sd card or phone storage
  3. Turnoff your phone and boot to recovery mode
  4. In twrp recovery mode, make backup of your phone
  5. After backing up, gp back to recovery main menu and select “wipe”
  6. Now select “Advanced wipe” and tick data, system, cache and swipe to wipe
  7. After wiping, go back and select “Install” and navigate to your custom rom and proceed to install
  8. After installing, reboot your phone
  9. After rebooting, go back to recovery and install Google apps

That’s it, you can now enjoy all features of CM13// Don’t forget to hit the share button. Your comments and feedback is welcome

Download CM13 Custom Rom For Leagoo M8

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  1. emmett lee says

    Hi admin,
    file not found on Gdrive..’
    please fix ?

    thank you

    1. admin says

      Sorry for the error.. I’ll upload to another server

  2. Denis says


    the link is not working.Can you please fix it.

    Thank you

    1. admin says

      I’ll update it ASAP

      1. Denis says


        can i ask when will you fix the download link?You can tell me where can i download it by myself if you dont have time to fix the link.I looked on google and i cant find anywhere else to download this ROM.

        Thank you for your time.
        Best regards

        1. admin says

          All sites you see this rom link is from me as the source. I’ll upload rom again to another server soon

  3. Denis says

    Ok thank you.Cant wait to update my Leagoo smartphone.

    1. admin says

      It’s comming

  4. sandro says

    tem como fazer funcionar a impressao digital depois que instalar ou fica sem msm?

  5. sandro says

    chama wpp para mim ajudar por favor ! 73988229237

    1. admin says

      Hello Sandro…. Don’t worry, i’ll reupload this rom today to another server…thanks for your comment

  6. Arber says

    Plz, when will you upload?

    1. admin says

      Very soon… Check back before the day runs out for a fresh link

    2. admin says

      Link updated as promised

  7. Arber says

    Awesome, thanks

  8. Arber says

    Link working. 350MB. Cheers.

    1. admin says

      Thanks Arber..

  9. Arber says

    should i extract it, or leave it as .zip?

    1. admin says

      Don’t.. Granted you have rooted your phone and install twrp recovery for leagoo m8, boot to recovery and install the rom after wiping

  10. Arber says

    installed it correctly, thanks guys for your hard work. at least i can enjoy my leagoo with android stock room.
    i just hope this rom will never download app without my permission like the rom of leagoo.
    I got 3 more question:
    where can i find Google apps? should i download them?
    can i delete everything in my phone memory (casue i dont want anything from my last rom)
    how can i format now my device again?

    1. admin says

      You can format via recovery but do not wipe system when in recovery mode

      Download google apps package from and ensure to download according to your phone firmware version

  11. PhonoKiller says

    i have just install this rome to my leago m8 lets see

    1. PhonoKiller says

      is good but i dont like it, makes the phone to slow ?

  12. Arber says

    its awesome, very fast and way better than the original rom

  13. Davide says

    È fantastica e funzionante, c’è possibilità di aggiornamento alla 14?

  14. Arber says

    If you feel that the phone is slow, just disable live display and it be ok.
    One question, why is the sim card signal low?

    1. admin says

      Sim signal working very okk in my country

  15. Krist says

    Thanks buddy. Runs very very smooth. Any chance we can get lineage 14 or 15 in this phone?

    1. admin says

      More custom rom for leagoo m8 comming soon…. Keep an eye on techvillaz

  16. Krist says

    no sound on fmr radio. Am i missing something?

    1. admin says

      Didn’t test fm but i’ll check it out

  17. dan says

    hi i’m stuck on the lock screen any ideas what to do?

    1. admin says

      Stuck on lock screen? Send me a picture of it on WhatsApp via +2348136329873

  18. PhonoKiller says

    Google Play store dosent work, always stops what can i do?

    1. admin says

      Flash the right gapps package for your eom version

  19. PhonoKiller says

    can u tell us when the new custom rom will ready for Leagoo M8 sir??

  20. Arber says

    Any date for the new ROM?

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