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How to Root Tecno L9 plus and Tecno L9

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Rooting Android phone is one thing all users of Android who knows the benefit of rooting always look forward to do after unboxing their phone. Here in this article, i will be showing you how to root your Tecno L9 plus and L9 mobile phone. Ensure to follow below guide step by step to root your Tecno L9 plus and enjoy the benefit of a rooted Android phone. Lets begin

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#1.  Dump your firmware in scatter format using Miracle Box. See detailed guide how to dump your mediatk stock firmware. See how to dump mediatek stock firmware
#2.  Download SuperSU and save to both phone storage and SD card
#3.  Create a new folder in your PC desktop and copy preloader.bin from your Miracle Box backup which you made from how to  dump mediatek stock firmware guide into the folder
#4.   Download Philz touch recovery ported by TeamHovatek for Tecno L9 plus
#5.  Now, copy the philz recovery.bin and scatter file from the zip file you downloaded into that folder you created, making peloader.bin, scatter file and recovery.bin (philz) in the folder

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#6.  Now, flash the preloader.bin and recovery.bin using Miracle Box.
#7.  After that has been done, boot the phone into recovery mode (Vol up + Power) after flashing.
#8.  In philz touch recovery, tap “Install zip” and navigate to the location of the and select it
#9.  Swipe to confirm flashing of and wait till flashing is complete
#10.  Done, simply reboot the phone normally and enjoy your rooted tecno l8 lite
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