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Tecno H6 Latest Firmware Version Clockwokmod Backup

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Previousely, i made a post about Tecno H6 latest firmware version with 5gb free storage space for user use and also how to go about flashing or installing the latest build into your old version of H6. If you missed the post or update, please go here. To all those who wished to flash or install the latest build via Clockwokmod Recovery, well i made a promise about droping the latest build CWM Backup, here i am keeping it..lols. So without wasting time, lets proceed.


Ensure your Tecno H6 is rooted and clockwokmod recovery is installed. You can go here to root and here to install clockwokmod recovery. If you’ve done that already, proceed to next phase.
1.  Download and extract Tecno H6 latest firmware version Clockwokmod backup.
NB: Extract only “Clockwokmod” folder to root of your Sd card. Don’t touch folder contents after extraction.
2.  Backup your phone imei, you might lose.
3.  After backing up your Imei, boot your phone to recovery mode by removing and inserting your battery, press and hold Volume Up + Power ON button till you’re in clockwokmod recovery.
4.  Now, make a nandroid backup of your rom and give it a name incase anything goes wrong.
5.  After successful backup, do this:
  • Wipe data/ factory reset.
  • Wipe cache.
  • Click on mount & storage >>  wipe system.
  • Click on Advanced and wipe delvich.
6.  Now, still in recovery mode, go back and and click on “Backup and Restore” >> Restore.
7.  Select Tecno h6 latest firmwarefirmware (2014-01- backup you extracted previously.
8.  Click “YES” and allow Restore process to do its thing.
9.  After successful restoration, reboot and enjoy your Tecno H6 with 5gb free storage space and other fix.
NB: Ensure your battery percentage is upto 60-100. This is not a custom rom but Tecno H6 latest firmware version cwm backup.

DOWNLOAD LINK: Tecno H6 Latest Firmware Version CWM Backup

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  2. Alex Karanja says

    please send to

  3. Mr. LEE says

    Please help with the password .


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    1. Jolly Nas says

      Tnkz…. Appreciate

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    Archiev password is jermink8701

  7. admin says

    Archiev password is jermink8701

  8. Anonymous says

    Please password

  9. Teslatex says

    I'm using mystic OS on my H6..Can I still install that firmware or does it require one to be running on stock ROM?

    1. admin says

      Yes you can but you have to use that of sp flashtools for best and better result

  10. Anonymous says

    password please

    1. admin says

      Password sent

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    hae…….could you help me with the password………

  12. admin says

    password is jermink8701

  13. Bamigboye Samuel says

    Thanks for the post… I just did it today and it was successful, but the issue now was that the built number and the baseband has changed to that of 2015 , but the memory is showing me a total of 2.9G INSTEAD OF THE 5G… Should I flash with SP FLASH TOOLS for the firmware upgrade or what CAN I do with the Cwm method….

    1. Bamigboye Samuel says

      Am waiting ur reply pls… Thanks

  14. Bamigboye Samuel says

    Cwm method, i mean clockwokmod

  15. Bryan Njoroge says

    The backup gives me 2.9gb instead of 5gb

    1. admin says

      Sorry about that. use that of sp flashtools for better result

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